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Downtown Comedy Clubs

No matter where you go in Las Vegas, a refuge for comedic relief is likely nearby. And while acts and showrooms with namesakes such as Carrot Top, Brad Garrett and Jerry Seinfeld are mainstays on the Strip, Downtown Las Vegas plays host to some of the city’s finest acts and showrooms.

Wiseguys Comedy Club, located in The Arts District, is one of the newer clubs in Vegas, but has quickly become Downtown’s most popular comedy club.

Big name performers that have appeared here include Pauly Shore. Sundays offers a comedian showcase featuring a rotating variety of local comedians. For better or worse, they also have open mic nights on Wednesdays.

The club has general admission seating starting as low as $10. Food and drinks are available. It is open Tuesday through Sunday evenings. Please be aware that you will have to pay for parking. Wiseguys has a second location in Town Square and a handful of locations in Utah.

Some of the greatest comedians from around the world gather at the Delirious Comedy Club in Hennessy’s Tavern under The Fremont Street Experience. You’ll find a mix of the funniest professional gag merchants – some featured on Comedy Central and others the stars of tomorrow.

Delirious Comedy Club is a welcoming environment that covers a wide range of styles including some magicians in addition to the comedy, in an intimate setting. Book your tickets quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on one of Downtown’s premier comedy clubs.

The club offers acts every Thursday through Sunday. The seating is general admission except VIP seating on the front row.

Vegas is home to a unique breed of comedians that double in magic. Mike Hammer at the Four Queen Resort and Casino is a dynamic and energetic magician-comedian that will test the boundaries of what you thought possible in a comedy show.

With the combination of sleight of hand and his cutting-edge wit, at Mike Hammer’s Comedy Magic Show, anything and everything can happen! Note, this is one of those comedy shows where audience members should be prepared to participate.

The show is not meant specifically for children, but children can attend. The show is offered Tuesdays through Saturday. Ticket prices range from $40 to $51.

If you’re looking for someone who fooled Penn and Teller and charmed the America’s Got Talent judges, Vinny Grosso’s Totally Mental Show, which takes place at Notoriety in Neonopolis, is where you should be. With sleight of mind and comedy antics combined, this is a fantastic show for the entire family.

Seeing this show will leave you laughing and amazed in equal measure. Based at the Notoriety venue on Fremont Street, Vinny Grosso is a charming and funny magician that will not disappoint.

The Laugh After Dark comedy film festival will take place in The Arts District October 7-9, 2024.

The L.A. Comedy Club at The Strat would definitely be on this list if it were located Downtown.

Finally, please note The Comedy Works at The Plaza has closed.

Which Show Will You See First?

Countless quality comedy shows are one of the things that make Vegas great. If you’re in Downtown, be sure to catch one of these side-splitting acts. From veteran stand-up comedians to magic to family-friendly acts, there’s something for everyone. You may even get the chance to see a comedian new to the scene before their popularity takes off.

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