Best Tours to Experience The Strip and City

For this article, we focused only on tours within the city limits. Get ready to discover Vegas in a whole new light!

  • Big Bus
  • Pink Jeep Tours
  • Cowboy Trail Rides and Silver State Tours
  • Cannabis Tours
  • Las Vegas Specialty Tours
  • Segway Las Vegas
  • Neon Museum

If your adventurous side wants something more, check out these adrenaline-pumping attractions or popular day tours.

Big Bus: Includes a Linq Ride

It is difficult to go anywhere on or near the Las Vegas Strip and not see one or more of the ubiquitous Big Bus tour coaches! They resemble London’s famous double-decker buses, but the Vegas models have an open roof on the upper deck.

All tours include a live guide. Prices range from $55 for one day (with the option to hop on/hop off the bus at various stops) to $67.50 or $95 for two days.

The latter includes a ticket to the High Roller attraction at The Linq, plus a ride on the 3-hour Big Bus night tour of Vegas. Night tour tickets may be purchased separately for $55.

Pink Jeep Tours: The Bright Lights Tour

One of Vegas’s most popular tour operators is Pink Jeep Tours. The company offers 11 different tour options, including trips to Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Death Valley, and the Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine. For the adventurous, there is an open-air Jeep Wrangler ride over the Rocky Gap Road by Red Rock Canyon.

For those who wish to stay in the city, there is a 3-hour “Bright Lights” tour of Las Vegas at night. Prices start at $114 per adult up to $1,113 each for a combination Jeep and helicopter tour.

Cowboy Trail Rides and Silver State Tours

The Old West brings to mind vivid imagery of horses and their riders galloping down dusty trails.

Cowboy Trail Rides is located in breathtaking Red Rock Canyon and offers four different rides – topped by the Sunset Trail Ride and Western BBQ that includes dinner under the stars for $189 per person.

Silver State Tours will take riders for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner ride for $85, $90, or $95 per person, respectively. Please note lunch rides are not available from June to September due to the potential for extreme temperatures.

Cannabis Tour: Education and Elevation

For something a little out of the ordinary, Las Vegas Cannabis Tours, at 2911 South Sammy Davis Jr Drive, offers a choice of cannabis “experiences” (for adults 21+ who imbibe, of course).

At the base price is the “Stoner Tour,” which whisks one to three dispensaries for $95. Or upgrade to the “Grass and Glass” combination of glassblowing and marijuana for $225. For those looking for an education in cultivation, there is a “Grow House Tour” for $250.

Finally, the “Get High and Fly” package combines visits to dispensaries, glassblowing, lunch, and a helicopter ride over The Strip – entertainment for 2 to 3 hours for $425 per person.

Neon Museum: Family-friendly Tour

Vegas continually reinvents itself, and many casinos (and other buildings) have come and gone over the years. The Neon Museum is dedicated to keeping alive at least some of the spectacular lighted signs that helped establish Las Vegas as one of the brightest lights in the world.

Visitors can walk around, or guided tours are available for those seeking more information. Volunteers have spent years restoring many old signs, so a night tour allows you to see them in all their glory.

A recent upgrade is the Neon Night Flight Spectacular, a partnership with Papillon Helicopters, which shows you the lights from above, followed by a tour of the grounds.

From $16 general admission for Nevada residents with ID to $45 for a combo day and night tour. Discounts are offered to seniors, students, military, and veterans. The Neon Night Flight starts at $199 per person.

Even the seasoned traveler would need help prioritizing everything to do and see in Las Vegas. If it’s your first visit to Vegas or your first chance to experience all the City has to offer, here’s a list of some of the best Las Vegas Strip and city tours.

Las Vegas Specialty Tours

For those looking to dive into the seedier backstory of Glitter Gulch, Las Vegas Specialty Tours offers several different options.

Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt

The Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt begins with the tour host outfitting intrepid explorers with ghost hunting equipment, including EMF (electromotive force) meters, temperature guns, dowsing rods, and instructions on using those tools.

Guests then are taken by shuttle to a casino where a “celebrity apparition is known to roam”! The tour continues to two parks that are said to have sightings of ghosts, plus several other locations that allegedly have been visited by the spirits of such deceased legends as Bugsy Siegel, Liberace, and Redd Foxx.

This tour takes 2 ½ hours, and all participants must be 18 or older. Price: $125

Vegas Mob Tour

Anyone who has seen the 1995 movie “Casino” with Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone has a pretty good idea about the reign of organized crime in Las Vegas.

The Vegas Mob Tour takes you back in time via video, photos, and visits to various locations – including a house used for filming “Casino.” Historic film clips include first-hand accounts from an FBI special agent and a mob hitman.

The tour takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Price: $125

Segway Las Vegas: For the Foodies

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to try riding a Segway! Consider this bucket list item checked, thanks to Segway Las Vegas, which offers four different tour options around Downtown Las Vegas.

For those who love to eat [author raises hand!], the Las Vegas Segway Foodie Tour promises to take adventurous diners to “hidden culinary gems” that are “off the beaten path.” Restaurant partners rotate every few months, allowing you to try new places. Price: adults 18+ $179, children $149.

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