What better way to remember your trip to Vegas than with an iconic souvenir or three?

If you love collecting memorable things on your vacations, you’ll be happy to learn Vegas has many items that will commemorate your trip. These are the best souvenirs to bring home from Las Vegas.

Custom Poker Chips

What better way to remember your trip to America’s Playground than to bring a casino-themed gift home with you?

Some casinos and multiple stores will let you order custom poker chip sets with photos and designs. They also come with a custom set of playing cards and a case to make them easy to take home.

A full set of custom poker chips with a case and cards will typically cost around $300, depending on the quality.

Nevada Vodka

Vegas is known for its bars, clubs, and an array of interesting alcoholic beverages, but Nevada Vodka is among the most popular. Made here in Nevada, this vodka has an unmatched crispness.

You can buy Nevada Vodka from many gift shops on the Strip, or you can order a gift package delivery to your hotel. The vodka by itself is anywhere from $20 – $50, while a gift basket including other alcoholic treats will be $100 or above.

Saguaro Cactus

The Saguaro Cactus is synonymous with Vegas’ desert landscape. You’re sure to find many gift shops selling a handful of these small cacti for you to take home. If you buy one, we recommend wrapping it in paper and placing it inside a box so you don’t squash the cactus when traveling.

Cactus Joe’s Desert Garden & Nursery on Blue Diamond is one of the top places to go for this souvenir. The shop is open daily. Prices can start from as little as $10, making this a great budget souvenir.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

While you can’t take the legendary Welcome to Las Vegas sign home with you, you can fit a mini replica in your suitcase.

Most gift shops in town stock this souvenir. When you buy one, you can ask to have it wrapped in paper to protect the sign during transit.

The replica signs come in many formats – including Christmas ornaments and fridge magnets – so prices vary. Vegas the Store in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood is full of mini Welcome to Las Vegas signs that can be purchased for under $10.

Navajo Jewelry

If you want to celebrate the rich culture of the southwest, Navajo jewelry is a unique and beautiful souvenir idea. The Navajo Nation has a significant presence in Arizona and other neighboring states. The jewelry often features turquoise stones and exciting patterns.

Silver Post is a local jeweler in Summerlin that specializes in Native American jewelry. The price depends on how elaborate the piece is.

Jean Phillipe Patisserie Chocolates

Located in the Bellagio, Jean Philippe Bellagio Patisserie is a shop like no other. The massive chocolate fountain might just transport you to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

In addition to the fountain, there’s a host of chocolate gifts you can take home. You can even make a customized gift set full of your favorite flavors.

The best way to travel with these chocolates is to put a few cold packs around them in your suitcase so they don’t melt.

Blue Man Group Drum Sticks

If you can only see one show while in Vegas, you should see the Blue Man Group. This iconic performance is one of the Strip’s most successful shows.

Currently playing at Luxor Hotel & Casino, you can bag some authentic Blue Man Group drumsticks after the show. The souvenir is only $20, and they’re a great memory to take with you when you leave.

The Best Souvenirs to Bring Home from Las Vegas

Leave room in your suitcase for some of Las Vegas’s best souvenirs. What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas with one of these great finds to commemorate your trip.

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