Vegas’s clubs may be legendary, but they also have a reputation for being super difficult to get into. But, don’t panic; in this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about dress codes, bottle service, and how to get into the best clubs to ensure your night out in Vegas is one to remember.

Experience a Night Out on The Strip

The Strip is the place to experience Vegas’s most opulent nightclubs. Popular night spots on the Strip include OMNIA at Ceasar’s Palace, Hakkasan at the MGM Grand, and Hyde at the Bellagio. While you may not have heard of the Cromwell Hotel before now, its nightclub, Drai’s, is a popular choice and is also home to a dayclub.

Clubs on the Strip regularly play host to world-class DJs and performers, with big-name acts such as Calvin Harris, The Weeknd, and Diplo providing the music. Don’t forget to check who is playing on the night of your visit, as the bigger the star, the harder it may be to get entry to the club.

Party in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is fast becoming the place to go for a great night out away from the Strip. While the surroundings may not be as luxurious, there is still plenty to love about a night out Downtown. Head to the Fremont Street Experience for craft cocktails and to soak up the Downtown atmosphere. If you are in the mood for a pub crawl, the Fremont East Entertainment District is the place to go. Here you will find a vibrant range of nightspots, from rooftop bars to nightclubs, speakeasies to comedy clubs.

How to Gain Entry to Las Vegas Nightclubs

As Vegas is recognized throughout the world as the place to party, the clubs can get really busy, as everyone wants to get in on the action. Bars and clubs in Downtown Las Vegas are generally easier to gain entry to, while clubs on the Strip tend to be more exclusive. But, while simply strolling into a Las Vegas nightclub is never going to happen, it is possible to increase your chances of gaining entry; here’s how:

Try General Admission

Trying to gain general admission to a club is the cheapest way to enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife, but you will need to be patient. Waiting in line may make entry to the clubs less expensive, but it can take a long time before you can get inside. You will still need to pay to gain entry, but this will be less expensive than the alternative options.

If you are going to try to gain general admission, ensure you don’t arrive too late; otherwise, you may be waiting hours for entry to the club with no guarantee you will be accepted.

Buy Advance Entry

If you want to gain faster entry to a club, purchasing an advance entry ticket should ensure you spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying yourself. Just remember, advance entry does not guarantee you a table.

Book a Table

Booking a table will speed up your entry to the club and guarantee you have somewhere to sit when you arrive. But, booking a table is pricey, be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars per bottle, plus the added cost of tax and a tip.

Get on a Guest List

Getting onto a guest list will help you get faster entry into the club, and you will not usually need to pay cover. But, guest lists are rarely publicized, which makes them notoriously difficult to find. It is a wise idea to sign up for guest lists ahead of your trip to increase your chances of securing a place.

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Dressing to impress is crucial when you want to get into a Las Vegas nightclub. Casual clothes are a definite no-no, so make sure you pack formal clothes to be in with a chance of gaining entry to the best clubs. Here are the details of standard dress codes that apply to most Las Vegas nightclubs:

  • A dress shirt (buttoned-up), dress pants or fitted jeans with dress shoes is usually acceptable for men. Suits can be worn, but they are rarely a requirement. Sneakers  and t-shirts are rarely accepted as proper attire in Las Vegas clubs.
  • For women, fitted jeans with a fancy top or a dress are safe options.

Remember, the better you look, the more likely you are to get into the club.

Bottle Service at Las Vegas Nightclubs

Bottle service is common in Las Vegas nightclubs. When you purchase bottle service in a club, you will usually get a reserved table for your party, plus a server to bring your drinks. As well as having a reserved table, bottle service brings other benefits, too, as you will not usually need to pay the club’s cover charge for entry, and you will often be able to skip the line and get into the club faster.

Choosing bottle service is an excellent option for a night out in Las Vegas, but it is pricey. You can expect to pay a significant mark-up per bottle of drink. Prices will vary between clubs but usually run between $350 and $600 per bottle, with two bottles generally being the minimum purchase to reserve a table. If you have a larger group with you, you may be expected to purchase one bottle per four people to reserve your table.

Don’t forget that you may need to add on the cost of tax and tips to your bottle service. Tax is charged at 8 percent, and the expected rate for tips is 20 percent.

Make a Splash at a Dayclub

First up, parties in Las Vegas are not confined to nighttime; some of the best parties take place before the sun goes down. Vegas is famous for its dayclubs, which is actually a term to describe a glitzy pool party. You will find some of the best dayclubs at Vegas’s most famous hotels and casinos, where you can soak up the sun and sip a cocktail or two while enjoying the party vibe. Some of the best dayclubs can be found at the Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel, and at Daylight at the Mandalay Bay.

If you fancy experiencing a pool party in Vegas, you will need to plan your trip carefully. Dayclubs do not operate all year-round and generally take place between late March until late September.

Dress Code for Dayclubs in Las Vegas

While the ways to gain entry to a dayclub are the same as nightclubs, the dress code for a dayclub is obviously different. Swimwear is, of course, permitted, but it is wise also to bring a cover-up to wear when relaxing around the pool. Sandals are the footwear of choice for dayclubs, so there is no need to worry about walking around poolside in dress shoes.

Top Tips for a Night Out at a Las Vegas Club

Whether you want to enjoy a night out at a prestigious Las Vegas nightclub or enjoy the fun of a pool party, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Vegas. But, to ensure you gain entry to the clubs and have a great time, you need to follow the guidelines. Here is a recap of the top tips to help you make the most of your night out in Vegas:

  • Bring your ID – entry to clubs is for over-21s only, so bring your ID to avoid being turned away.
  • Follow the dress code – dress codes at Las Vegas nightclubs are pretty strict, so make sure you are dressed appropriately. Baggy jeans, sneakers, tank tops, and shorts are way too casual for a night out in a Vegas club.
  • Don’t hassle the security staff – you may have been waiting in line for hours, but complaining at the security staff is only going to increase your wait time, so do your best not to annoy them.
  • Don’t drink too much – arriving at the club heavily intoxicated is a sure-fire way to be refused entry, so avoid drinking too much before you get into a club.

Follow these tips to have the best night out in Las Vegas, and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

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