Anyone who knows Nevada knows about Area 51; the secretive space in the desert where the US Air Force maintains a training facility. While we don’t know exactly what goes on at Area 51, there is no secrecy around Area 15: it’s an experiential facility where locals and tourists can enjoy art installations, virtual reality experiences, and a memorable retail shopping space that betters anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Of course, the name is no coincidence. Area 15 is an immersive experience with an emphasis on mystery and suspense. The exterior is designed to look like a bunker, while the interior is designed for a unique experience that you’ll keep talking about for years afterwards. The main difference is that Area 15 wants you to talk about it!

Main Attractions

For many people, a shopping experience may be underpinned by visiting big-name boutiques and showpiece stores that are familiar to all. At Area 15, the shopping experience is – we’ll use the word again, because there isn’t a more appropriate way to describe it – unique. Fashion-forward shoppers will love Wild Muse, a futuristic boutique with one-of-a-kind sustainable pieces and wellness products. Kappa Toys is a gadget-lover’s Valhalla, while Rocket Fizz will have you feeling like a kid in a candy shop, because it is a candy shop – it just so happens to be filled with unique confections you’ll only find here.

Away from the stores, there’s so much more to experience, with pop-up facilities a common occurrence and dozens of innovative pursuits. You can throw axes for fun, enjoy innovative rides, and take advantage of the immersive Illuminarium, where you can experience outer space, explore a Tokyo night market, or go on safari without needing to leave the building. Basically, you can walk into Area 15 and walk out having seen the world.

Best times to visit

When can you make it? Area 15 is open on weekdays from 4pm to midnight, and on weekends from 2pm, closing at the same time. Regular visitors say that the vibe is at its best on Friday and Saturday nights, but in truth, the best time to visit is whenever you want to go – there will always be something incredible for you to experience. You would be well advised if you’re planning a trip to Vegas to consider checking the Area 15 website before you come here – special events are advertised ahead of time and can often be the most memorable part of your trip to the city.


Area 15 is located just minutes from the Strip by car. Its address is 3215 S. Rancho Drive. If you’re in a taxi or rideshare, tell your driver to drop you off on Desert Inn Road, where you’ll be just outside the entrance to LIFTOFF. If you’re being picked up, the best pick-up spot is inside the parking lot, just to the left of Art Island. If you’re coming straight from the airport, it’s a 15-minute drive via Paradise Road and E Desert Inn Road.

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