Like the city itself, Las Vegas eateries are full of delightful surprises if you know where to look. If you fancy trying something new, here are some of Las Vegas’ best secret menu items:


Blossom, a Chinese restaurant located at the luxurious ARIA Hotel and Casino in the heart of the Vegas Strip, offers more than 100 oriental-inspired dishes.

Blossom is famed for its fresh seafood – and its secret menu. Inquire about Ma Lat, a fish dish that translates to ‘numb spicy.’ Not for the faint of heart, this dish is so hot that it may cause your face to go numb.

Della’s Kitchen

Located at Delano Las Vegas, Della’s Kitchen is an inviting restaurant that combines the feel of a traditional, rustic farmhouse with a modern urban kitchen. The menu celebrates comfort food and popular classics by allowing diners to enjoy the delicious, elegantly presented fare.

For those interested in off-menu items, ask about the much-loved Hot Chicken Sandwiches and hearty, healthy Ramen Bowls.

Charlie Palmer Steak

Charlie Palmer Steak in the Four Seasons Hotel is known for high-quality cuts of meat, but did you know it also has a fantastic, affordable, and ever-changing secret menu?

This secret menu features a “Cut of the Week” full-course meal, complete with salad, sides, and dessert. The only way to discover what’s on the weekly secret menu is to ask while at the restaurant. Ask your waiter about the secret menu on your next trip to sample some of the kitchen’s best items.


Rivea, also located at the Delano, is a laid-back restaurant that offers incredible food with an unbeatable view of the Las Vegas Strip.

A celebration of French and Italian food, Rivea is all about fresh ingredients and seasonal produce. If you’re dining at Rivea, treat yourself to the off-menu Grilled Lobster served with homemade mustard butter and fresh parsley.

Le Cirque

The award-winning French restaurant, Le Cirque, is one of many restaurant jewels in Bellagio’s crown. Famed for its opulent setting and decadent menu, Le Cirque is one of the most well-known spots on the Strip.

While the regular menu is guaranteed to impress, it’s worth asking about the ultimate treat for your taste buds: the Surf and Turf. Le Cirque’s exclusive, secret surf and turf dish is no ordinary offering. If you whisper those magical words, you can expect a cut of Wagyu beef and a lobster tail stuffed with caviar and truffle.

Tom Collichio’s Heritage Steak

World-renowned chef Tom Collichio brought next-level grilling to the Las Vegas Strip. Located at Mirage, Tom Collichio’s Heritage Steak celebrates farm-to-table cuisine.

The meat stands out for many diners, but for those eager to explore alternatives, including vegetarian options, there’s a tasty secret worth discovering. The off-menu Grilled Eggplant is guaranteed to impress.

With this secret menu item, a generous serving of perfectly grilled eggplant accompanies flavorsome chimichurri sauce and a signature popcorn and cashew glaze.


Derived from his mother’s recipe, Mario Carbone’s meatballs have never appeared on the main menu at Carbone in ARIA. However, once you know about this fantastic secret menu item, there’s no going back. Try one bite, and you’ll fall in love with these glorious spheres of ground beef, pork, and veal.

Are You Ready to Try Something New?

Las Vegas is teeming with incredible restaurants, but the awe and wonder don’t stop at the main menu. Plenty of secret, off-menu items are available for diners in the know. This inside information can help you try some of Las Vegas’ best secret menu items.

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