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A culinary gem in Henderson, Nevada, we take a look at Aroma Latin American Cocina. Here you can find Beef Short Ribs in Mole to playful creations like Korean Chicken Enchiladas, every dish is a testament to culinary innovation from Latin America.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Highlights: Beef Short Ribs in Mole, Korean Chicken Enchiladas, Aguachile Amarillo, Attentive Service

Room for Improvement: Limited Wine List (though well-priced)

Would Recommend? Absolutely!

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I went out for a leisurely lunch to find local hidden gems, and tried the excellent Aroma Latin American Cocina. Led by James Beard semifinalist Steve Kestler, this restaurant offers a unique and delectable journey through the diverse flavors of Latin America.

Aroma Latin American Cocina: A Local’s Take

Forget fancy decor and a flashy location. Aroma focuses on what truly matters: exceptional food.


Beef Short Ribs in Mole (5/5)

This dish is a revelation. The mole is deep, rich, and perfectly spiced, while the braised short ribs are melt-in-your-mouth tender. The sweet potato puree and esquites add a touch of sweetness and a delightful textural contrast. The dish will stay with you long after the last bite.

Korean Chicken Enchiladas (5/5)

This playful fusion creation boasts flavorful chicken and a classic preparation. But the true stars are the accompaniments: kimchi fried rice, Korean pickled vegetables, guacamole, and sliced peppers create a symphony of tastes that will have you saying, “Wow!”

Aguachile Amarillo (5/5)

For those who love a good crudo, this is your dish. It features fresh yellowtail bathed in a vibrant mix of pineapple, jicama, habanero jus, and chili-lime peanuts.

The pineapple’s acidity cuts beautifully through the fish, while the jicama and peanuts add delightful textures. A subtle habanero heat lingers on the palate, making this dish a flavor explosion.

Aroma Latin American Cocina Food
Aroma Latin American Cocina Food


Wine List (4/5)

The concise wine list offers unique selections perfect for pairing with the food. While limited, the bottles are priced fairly.

Premier Tip: The Malbec is a particularly good match for the mole sauce.


Overall Service Rating (5/5)

Aroma’s service is friendly and attentive. Despite the restaurant’s casual setting, the staff provides a top-notch dining experience. While reservations aren’t currently required, it might be wise to snag one in the future as Aroma’s popularity grows.

Final Thoughts: A Must-Try for Adventurous Eaters

Aroma Latin American Cocina is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed. With its innovative and incredibly flavorful dishes, attentive service, and reasonable prices, this restaurant offers an experience that rivals the best on the Strip.
If you want to avoid the tourist traps, try Aroma for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

DISCLAIMER: This review was written by a real Las Vegas local. The reviewer and Premier Vegas were not compensated in any way for writing this review. If you are interested in writing reviews for Premier Vegas, please contact us here.

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