What is a Resort Fee?

For the uninitiated, a resort fee is a supplementary charge generally not included in the initial booking cost when using a website or third party. While these fees can sometimes be contested, most hotels will enforce them. This can make a deal seem too good to be true once you reach the check-in counter.

For this reason, we have developed a list of nine hotels with the lowest resort fees in Las Vegas. We’ve also ensured that despite this lower cost, you’re still getting a fantastic experience no matter where you decide to stay.:

The Strip

Circus Circus

Resort Fee: $32

With three swimming pools (two in the Skyrise tower and one in its RV Park), Cable TV, reliable wireless, and rooms for all groups of all sizes, Circus Circus is a popular and affordable option for families visiting the Strip. They also boast access to an incredible steakhouse and pizzeria.

The Strat

Resort Fee: $36

The Strat Hotel is known for its iconic vista of the Las Vegas skyline, including its Skypod experience – the best observation deck in the city. It also boasts access to some excellent thrill rides to keep the family entertained and acts such as MJ Live, a Michael Jackson tribute tour.


Resort Fee: $35

For those looking for a modern medieval experience, the Excalibur Hotel & Resort lets guests experience up-to-date facilities while residing in a castle-themed hotel. With access to the Australian Bee Gees store, a resort app that allows you to manage every aspect of your stay, and spa functionalities to help you refresh after a heavy week of indulgence, Excalibur is an excellent hotel for strip lovers far and wide.

Downtown Las Vegas

Plaza Hotel & Casino

Resort Fee: $25

Located at the end of the ever-popular Fremont Street, the Plaza makes an excellent location to experience all downtown Vegas has to offer. Established 50 years ago, this hotel is known for its great bingo, bars, restaurants, and comfortable rooms (including complimentary earplugs to get a good night’s sleep).

Fremont Hotel & Casino

Resort Fee: $18.99

As its name suggests, Fremont is located in the heart of Fremont Street, allowing guests direct access to all downtown Vegas attractions. This hotel is known for its casual dining, with Tony Roma’s and Second Street Grill providing ‘good eating’ for all. Depending on your disposition, they also offer a plethora of deluxe sweets, perfect for a romantic getaway or even a solo adventure.

El Cortez Hotel & Casino

Resort Fee: $19.95

Originality is the name of the game at El Cortez, as it is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. Many rooms and suites have been designed with a bespoke decorative environment, using Native American designs, fittings, and reclaimed wood. Guests are also given access to a fantastic parlor bar and burger joint, making El Cortez a perfect mix of history and modern comfort.


Artisan Hotel Boutique

Resort Fee: $19.95

Artisan is a small boutique hotel located just off the Strip. This hotel exudes a “unique art-themed hotel” feel, with a gothic-themed lobby and hand-crafted appeal. While the Artisan offers modern facilities – such as a fantastic fitness center, outdoor pool, meeting and event spaces, and a popular bar and lounge – all of these elements have been designed with a handcrafted edge and a willingness to develop the small details properly.

The unique rooms and suites provide comfort away from the intensity of the Strip or Downtown while giving you that artful approach to luxurious accommodation.

Silverton Casino & Hotel

Resort Fee: $18.99

Silverton is a hotel and casino located a few miles south of the Strip. Silverton is best known for its aquarium and mermaid shows, allowing you to take photos with and chat with the mermaids after their enchanting performances.

Silverton wants to make you feel at home with a modern outdoorsy setting designed to transport you out of Vegas. As Las Vegas can often feel overwhelming to those visiting for the first time, Silverton provides a familiar oasis in the desert.

South Point Hotel & Casino

Resort Fee: $21

South Point knows there are more ways to have fun in Vegas than gambling, instead leaning into sports-themed events for tourists and locals alike. This hotel throws the best “Pigskin Parties” in town, with other features, including football beer specials, rodeos, pageants, and more. South Point is also home to the excellent Spa Costa Del Sur for a relaxing stay.

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