Many people head to Sin City to experience the luxury hotels, casinos, and iconic Vegas Strip. Staying in Vegas can be expensive, but there are many ways to find amazing discounts and reduce hotel fees and costs in Las Vegas.

If you’re planning a trip, here are some tips to help you get more for your money in Las Vegas:

What Are Resort Fees?

If you’ve researched prices for Las Vegas hotels, you may have noticed the term ‘resort fee’ on the list of potential charges. Resort fees are generally not included in the upfront cost of room rates and can turn great deals into unexpected expenses. In some cases, resort fees can add hundreds of dollars to your stay!

The resort fee covers services such as Internet access and fitness facilities. Resort fees vary based on hotel property and length of stay, and guests usually pay resort fees upon booking or at the end of their stay.

2022 Resort Fees

To avoid unexpected expenses, visitors are encouraged to research resort fees prior to booking. To help you decide, below is a list of daily resort fees for popular Las Vegas hotels in 2022:

Are There Any Hotels That Don’t Charge Resort Fees?

Most Vegas hotels charge resort fees, especially those centrally located and close to the action on the Strip.

Hotels that don’t add resort fees are usually off the Strip. If you’re looking to avoid these extra costs, consider these options:

How to Reduce Hotel Fees and Costs

Your trip to Sin City doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some steps you can take to save money when organizing your trip to Vegas:

1. Research Hotels and Compare Prices

When comparing hotel prices online, always check the final cost before you book. In many cases, resort fees will not be added to the room rate until the last step of booking or at a later time. If the resort fee isn’t automatically added or listed on the website, call the hotel directly and ask what they charge daily in hotel fees.

2. Compare Hotels with Resort Fees to Hotels with No Fees

On the surface, finding a hotel that doesn’t charge resort fees may seem like the obvious choice. However, some resorts that charge resort fees may still cost less than “fee-free” hotels.

For example, the room rate at a hotel without resort fees may be $200, but the room rate at another resort could be $120 plus $39 per night in fees. The second hotel is a better deal, and you get access to a range of services that may not be available at the fee-free hotel.

3. Take Advantage of Rewards

Lots of resorts in Vegas are part of hotel chains that offer rewards and point systems. If you are part of a rewards program, find out if you can use points to lower the cost of your stay or use reward nights with resort fees waived.

Hilton, which has several locations in Las Vegas, offers members the chance to stay without resort fees when using rewards.

Elite members of Wyndham or Hyatt rewards programs can also find “hotel matches.” Wyndham rewards members can use their accounts at Caesars, while Hyatt members can redeem points at MGM.

4. Ask About Opportunities to Waive Fees

You can ask the hotel if they will waive resort fees when you check in. Some hotels offer discounts for guests who are frequent patrons of their casinos.

Save Money in Sin City

Don’t let resort fees add a considerable cost to your Vegas vacation. Comparing quotes and deals online can help you save in advance. Booking hotels that don’t charge fees, taking advantage of rewards programs, and simply asking the hotel can also be beneficial.

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