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Premier Vegas reviews Sebastian Maniscalco’s most recent stand-up show at Wynn Las Vegas. Spoiler alert – we highly recommend it.

Sebastian Maniscalo is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer known for his comedy specials on Netflix and work with Martin Scorsese’s

Sebastian Maniscalo is performing at Wynn’s Encore Theater

Maniscalo is scheduled to perform through 2024

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You may know Sebastian Maniscalco from his nearly 20-year career, from his hilarious appearances on Comedy Central or Showtime, or more likely, from his recent comedy specials on Netflix.

If you are not a comedy fan, you may also recognize him through a supporting role in Martin Scorsese’sThe Irishman or in 2023’s About My Father, which Maniscalco co-wrote and co-starred with Robert De Niro, as his father.

Premier Vegas has become a big fan of Mr. Maniscalco, and eagerly attended his comedy performance at Wynn Las Vegas’ Encore Theater in October 2023. Here are our thoughts. (Note: We attended the 7:30 pm early show, so we don’t know if the late show differs at all).

Sebastian Maniscalo at the Wynn:

A Terrific Time from Start to Finish

Overall performance

The performance was terrific from start to finish, and we and the rest of the audience laughed the whole time.

Themes and topics

Mr. Maniscalco mainly focused on themes of his childhood and having/raising his children later in life.

Along the lines of old-school comedians, Mr. Maniscalco poked fun at himself, other Italians (he is one) and other ethnic groups as well. All was in good taste, in our opinion, and very funny.


The audience skewed a bit older than we thought it would be, but that could be a function of the well-heeled location at Wynn. Mr. Maniscalco is also 50, which could be part of it.


The opening act performer was solid, with the same humor, and focused on themes similar to Mr. Maniscalco’s.


The Encore Theater is great for comedy. We were not exactly sitting in front this time, but we felt close enough to the action and had a similar experience to other events we have attended there in the past where we were close to the front.

The bar in the Encore Theater was very efficient.

Mr. Maniscalco has dates already scheduled at Wynn Las Vegas in 2024. We highly recommend going to see him at the Encore Theater @ Wynn Las Vegas.

Premier Tip: We left the show around 9:15 pm, so a 9:30 post-show dinner reservation at a Wynn or Encore Las Vegas restaurant is totally doable.

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