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The Tropicana, one of the most iconic casino resorts in Las Vegas, has long been a favorite of many locals and tourists. If you hadn’t heard by now, the Trop closed its doors for good in the wee hours of April 2, 2024, making way for a potential new A’s major league ballpark and a new casino resort.

The plans call for a little more than a quarter of the 35-acre site to be used for the stadium, with the remaining space being used for the new casino and common parking areas.

Here, we list the top potential names for the new casino resort to offer some historical context and humor:

Predictable Name Changes for the New Tropicana Casino

First, let’s start with the predictable names:

The Tropicana

As The Sahara learned when it tried to rebrand as SLS, it is sometimes better to keep the name and brand awareness you have had for decades. We expect that The Tropicana will follow suit.

The Tropicana is also conveniently located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.

The Trop

See above. When it reopens, The Tropicana can name itself The Trop to signal its brand newness while maintaining brand awareness.


This naming option wouldn’t be the first Bally’s to grace Las Vegas. Not only has the Horseshoe recently replaced the Bally’s Casino on the strip, but Bally’s is also the name brand on several regional sports networks nationwide.

Bally’s operates a handful of other Bally’s properties around the country, including a temporary casino in Chicago, and may seek to create a Caesars-type hub-and-spoke model to bring its players from different markets to Vegas.

To expand on your Vegas history and the Tropicana, check out our article about the Horseshoe.

Fun Potential Name Changes for the New Resort

With the predictable names out of the way, let’s get to the fun ones:

The 57

The 57 pays homage to the year The Tropicana opened – 1957. The name has a double meaning: It also represents the over/under for the number of regular season wins that the A’s have had in recent years.

The Hot Corner

The Hot Corner is both a baseball reference and a play on the property’s location at the busy intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard South and Tropicana Avenue.


Rickey Henderson is the most famous and accomplished A’s player in modern history. The all-time MLB stolen base leader (by, like, a billion stolen bases) has seen it all and has the stories to back it up.

The most famous telling is that Rickey refused to cash his first million-dollar check from the team and framed it on his wall. Here’s to hoping every guest room in the new resort has a replica check from the A’s on the wall to commemorate Ricky!

Dodger Stadium Hotel

Dodger fans travel well, and with the most popular player in Major League Baseball on the team (that’s Shohei Ohtani, for the uninitiated), we expect that Dodger fans will vastly outnumber A’s fans when they play in Vegas.

The Blue

The Blue has a triple meaning. The original Tropicana was partly conceived by Ben Jaffe, who owns The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.

Frank Sinatra, aka Ol’ Blue Eyes, may have owned The Tropicana at some point, according to the book The Green Felt Jungle.

Thirdly, Vida Blue was a great pitcher for the Oakland A’s in the 1970s.

The Park

If The Blue isn’t confusing enough, The Park could be a home run option – if The Park MGM in Vegas wasn’t already a thing.

The Tiffany

The Tropicana was once advertised as “the Tiffany of the Strip”, a reference to the famous jeweler.

Let us know if you think of any others. And let’s see what happens next!

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