Whether you’re a local or taking your dog with you on a trip to Vegas, here are some of the best dog parks in Vegas for you to explore with your furry friend:

Best Dog Parks in Las Vegas

Barkin Basin Dog Park

You can find the Barkin Basin dog park within Wayne Bunker Park. There are three separate areas for:

  • Large dogs
  • Small dogs
  • Both large and small pups

The park has numerous spots where visitors can easily sit and soak up the sun. There are over 7.75 acres of dog-friendly fields for you to take advantage of. Don’t miss out on going to one of the best dog parks in Las Vegas.

Clark County Dog Fancier’s Park

Dog Fancier’s Park is a must-visit if you’re looking for a Vegas dog park for your dog to roam free. This park is designed for dogs to explore off-leash. It has five different areas for your dog to play in, plus a large field perfect for running.

Each area is enclosed. The park caters to larger dogs and is unsuitable for children under 5. You can reserve four areas, but the fifth is open to the public seven days a week.

Woofter Family Park

Woofter Park is one of Vegas’s most popular public dog parks. This park has two dog areas with water, a restroom, and shade-providing trees.

Woofter Park features playgrounds full of water elements and a designated fitness area. It’s the perfect place to take the kids and dogs out together.

Kellogg Zaher Dog Park

Kellogg-Zaher Dog Park has plenty of open space, and three different dog runs. The complex has many shaded areas, water fountains, and a park suited to smaller dogs.

With eleven soccer fields, two playgrounds, and numerous picnic spots, adults, kids, and pets can enjoy themselves in this popular park.

Desert Breeze Dog Park

Desert Breeze Dog Park, only about seven miles from the Strip, has ample parking, three enclosed dog runs, and a fenced space for both large and small dogs to play off-leash.

The park provides water taps for pups to drink and cool off. It also has dog-washing areas ideal for a dog who loves to get muddy.

Enjoy Vegas with Your Pup

Vegas offers plenty of dog parks for dogs of all sizes. Make the most of your time with your furry friend and enjoy a day out in one of the best dog parks in Las Vegas.

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