Indie film lovers rejoice! Vegas finally has an independent art house theater.

The Beverly Theater Las Vegas opened at the beginning of March 2023 – to the delight of local theatergoers looking for something different and local independent filmmakers – with an exciting lineup of entertainment sure to pique the interest of any fan of the arts.

Welcome to the Beverly Theater Las Vegas

Las Vegas welcomes back a home for indie cinema in the form of the Beverly Theater.

But the Beverly is more than just movies.

As Vegas’ only art-house theater, the venue will allow local artists, film enthusiasts, and creatives of all kinds to come together and celebrate local expression.

How the Beverly Theater Came to Be

Beverly Rogers is the theater’s namesake and founder. As Chairman of the Rogers Foundation, Ms. Rogers has spent years working to expand access to the arts and arts education in Southern Nevada.

Ms. Rogers’ vision for supporting the arts expanded to include an independent film house, which Vegas has long been lacking. Like the Rogers Foundation, the Beverly Theater is a nonprofit organization.

Films, Stories, and Vegas Style

Before the Beverly, Las Vegas had few venues that featured locally-made and independent films. Premier Vegas spoke with local filmmaker Michael Keene to get an insider perspective about his hopes and expectations for the Beverly Theater.

A New Venue for Vegas

Since it opened, Keene has attended the Beverly at least once a week, often seeing two films per visit. Keene was excited about introducing a movie theater to Vegas for these kinds of films, stating, “Its existence is unique… This venue could bring together a community of independent filmmakers [in Vegas], who just haven’t had [the space] for it…”

Vegas is “an eclectic blend of personalities,” a benefit to The Beverly and the city “has versus other smaller cities.” It has a history of out-of-the-box films and unique directors.

While the scene is LA-influenced, since many indie filmmakers start there before coming to Vegas, Las Vegas films have their own distinct character.

Keene said of his movies that, while they are “products of a lot of love and time,” he’s honest about their quality. Keene is the first to admit that his films aren’t “good” in a traditional sense, but he enjoys making them and getting people involved in his projects who have never worked on movie sets before. He noted, “When you don’t have any money or crew, you can make something as weird as you want.”

Keene isn’t sure whether his films are the types of movies the Beverly would screen, but he’s looking forward to seeing what the theater can do for the local film community. He hopes the theater’s opening “brings a lot of local indie guys who shoot here out of the woodwork” of Vegas’ film scene. “By virtue of not being totally for profit, [it can focus] on the art.”

What You Can Expect

Location and Design

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, down the street from the Writer’s Block bookstore, the Beverly Theater is in the heart of the arts. The two-story theater has showings of independent films, documentaries, animated features, and more, playing seven days a week. Street parking is available on Bonneville Avenue between 6th St. and 10th St.

The Beverly has a bright, modern, and open feel to its architecture. Keene described the interior as “kind of like a Bond villain lair” – in a good way – with its sleek and transparent surfaces. The theater’s second story features an open-air deck where guests can enjoy a drink and live music.

In terms of theater experience, Keene was particularly impressed with the friendliness of the Beverly’s staff, the theater’s projectors, and its large screens. “The presentation is very nice… there’s no bad seat.”

He was also glad to see how much space there is for performances. There are no “‘right on the screen’ seats… It’s great that they have a director’s Q&A because they have [a] big spot near the screen…” There’s also plenty of space for larger events featuring cast and crew.

Featured Entertainment

While there is always something to see at the Beverly, it’s important to remember that some films are shown for one night only, and some have several screenings over a few days.

Check out their website to see what’s playing and when.

Admission Costs

Admission is $10 per film but may vary for other events, such as Q&As with directors or actors.

You can purchase tickets online anytime or daily from 3-9 pm at the box office. The box office and concessions only accept cashless payments. The theater has more than typical movie concession snacks, as well as serving alcohol such as local craft beers and popcorn service available inside the actual theaters.

The venue has metal detectors, so they recommend you come at least 30 minutes before your showtime. Check your show’s entry requirements for any additional policies to be aware of, especially if you are going to one of the live shows.

Future Events and Local Cinema

The Beverly opens up many opportunities for future events, whether performances, movies, author readings, or something else, highlighting local and independent talent. As Keene reflected on the Vegas indie movie scene, he said, “We have a lot of niche voices” in the city, which makes it more interesting.

With a theater like the Beverly, Vegas’ unique culture has the opportunity to be seen and represented. The Beverly Las Vegas’ full and diverse slate of upcoming events is encouraging to local creators and fans of the arts alike. You’ll certainly never be bored!

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