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At A Glance

I visited The Spa on a busy Saturday in early May 2024. I was in no rush and stayed for about three hours. As the title of this article indicates, I’m a man, so this review will not encompass any of the spa’s female areas.

Overall Rating – 4 out of 5

Highlights: Facilities, Friendly Staff, Ambience

Room for Improvement: Minor issues

Would Recommend? Yes

An Overview of The Red Rock Spa and Salon

Red Rock is about 30 minutes west of The Strip. The resort includes a hotel, a large casino, numerous restaurants and bars, a movie theater, bowling alley, and food court. The Spa is located on the second level of the hotel (the same level as the casino).

The Red Rock Spa by Well & Being offers a standard array of services, including massages, body scrubs/wraps, facials, masks, and waxing. The salon services include haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and makeup services.

The Spa is open seven days a week.

Premier Tip: If you are a local, go Monday through Thursday to take advantage of the locals’ discount. You can use and earn Boarding Pass points for your spa visit, although you have to bring your receipt to the Rewards Center afterward.

The Red Rock Spa by Well & Being: A Local’s Take

  • Website
  • Location: Red Rock Resort & Spa in Summerlin
  • Hours: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Spa Menu
  • Pricing: Massages start at $170 weekdays / $185 Friday + 20% gratuity to Sunday for a 50-minute session. Locals’ discounts available Monday-Thursday.

The Massage (3.5/5)

Because I don’t get massages very often, I opted for a 50-minute Swedish massage—the lightest-touch massage available. The treatment room itself is fairly dark, and during the massage, soothing music and sounds are piped in—you hardly notice them after a while. The goal is to relax and soothe you.

My massage therapist provided me with a warm blanket to lie under. The massage covered the back, shoulders, neck, hands, legs, and feet. The therapist used different oils and hot compresses occasionally on certain parts of the body, and it included a scalp massage as well.

Room for improvement: I did not give the massage five stars because it was not firm enough, even for me.

During the massage, the therapist asked me if I was enjoying it. Although one could argue it is my fault for not asking for the therapist to apply more pressure, I have had firmer massages at Red Rock in the past.

Additionally, in the locker room afterward, some men commented that certain therapists were stronger than others, so my experience may not have been isolated.

Locker Room/Lounge Facility (5/5)

The men’s locker room facilities are top-notch. When I arrived, I was given a locker with an easy-to-work-coded lock.

The lounge area has a steam room, hot tub, and cold tub—none of which I used. There is also a waiting area with couches and a TV, where I was asked to be five minutes before my appointment time.

From an amenity perspective, I was provided with a comfy robe and sandals. The locker rooms also have mouthwash. Fiji Water, juice, tea, and little snacks were available in the lounge—all free of charge. I ate an apple, had some dried fruit, and drank some water while there.

The shower after the massage was a must because of the oils the therapist used. It did not disappoint, as I could have stayed in the hot water all afternoon. Soap, conditioner, body wash, towels, and washcloths are provided.

I also did not use the fitness center, which I could have used, but I was here to relax!

Room for improvement: The only minor complaint about the lounge was that a NBA playoff game on ABC could not be played on the TV in the lounge.

Overall Service (5/5)

The staff was all great. They were friendly when I made a reservation over the phone. The front desk staff was friendly when checking me in and taking payment on the way out. The locker room clerk also helped me tour the locker room and lounge.

And finally, and maybe more importantly, the massage therapist was courteous.

DISCLAIMER: This review was written by a real Las Vegas local. The reviewer and Premier Vegas were not compensated in any way for writing this review. If you are interested in writing reviews for Premier Vegas, please contact us here.

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