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The Super Bowl doesn’t have to be the only thing you do while in Vegas this February. While Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium alone will provide an unforgettable experience for football fans, you can catch many other shows that can make the whole weekend a memorable experience for everyone.

We have all you need to make the most of the weekend, from tips on where to stay, where to watch, and even how to get around to making sure you make the most of your time and money.

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How to Get Around Vegas During Super Bowl Weekend

Las Vegas is set to host Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024. Whether you attend the football game in person or not, there will be many opportunities to mingle and party with the rich, the famous, and the masses. But before you can go, you must figure out how to get there.

Super Bowl Road Closures

Note the Planned Road Closures

Planned road closures can be seen in the accompanying image and are largely concentrated around Allegiant Stadium.

If you drive to the game without a parking pass, there may be availability on lots unaffiliated with the stadium on Russell Road, but prices may be greatly inflated due to the event.

PREMIER TIP: We do not recommend driving your car if you are going to the Super Bowl in person unless your ticket comes with an Allegiant Stadium parking pass.


For those of you flying into town or for those who may be driving their car and parking and not moving it for the weekend, you will likely be using rideshare. We expect both major rideshare companies to offer incentives to drivers to come out during peak times but don’t be surprised to see surge pricing.

Visitors should note that prices are generally higher getting picked up from the airport or Strip/Downtown than they are when getting picked up at other locations in Vegas.

Taxis in front of the Luxor


As rideshare has become more popular, like in other cities, taxis have become less plentiful. That said, Las Vegas still has a lot of them.

Visitors may find taxis more convenient and less expensive when the rideshare companies are in surge pricing mode so don’t be afraid to hop in a waiting taxi when everyone else is blindly staring at their phones.

When getting picked up from the Harry Reid International Airport, if you are heading to the Strip, you will be charged a set flat fee for the ride depending on what part of the Strip you are being dropped at.

PREMIER TIP:  During F1 in Vegas in November 2023, a $15 special surcharge was applied to any pick-ups on the Strip or airport. If you are coming to Vegas during a busy weekend, such as the Super Bowl, you may want to inquire if a special surcharge is in effect before getting in your taxi.

Limos, Sedans, and Shuttles

Major limousine companies in Las Vegas include AWG, Bell, Presidential and Kaptyn. These companies all offer limos, sedans and larger shuttles. We recommend booking limos or sedans in advance for busier times such as Super Bowl weekend.

However, you can ask airport personnel in the designated limo/shuttle area if there is availability. Shuttles are generally available, but visitors should understand the number of stops the shuttle is making prior to the destination and weigh the cost vs. solo vehicles.

Limo in Vegas
Vegas monorail in front of the High Roller

Las Vegas Monorail

The Las Vegas Monorail has long been an underutilized asset in Vegas as it does not go to/from the airport or Downtown. However, it is helpful to get around the Strip during peak times, and you may need to consider it if you are trying to get from the northern part of the Strip to the southern part or vice versa.

Note that the Monorail does not go to Allegiant Stadium. The closest it gets is to MGM Grand, so there is a bit of a walk to the stadium. An internal monorail between Excalibur and Mandalay Bay shortens some of this walk.

Always Plan Ahead

These are some of the best transportation options in Vegas that readily exist today. However, the future possibilities are very exciting for easing congestion issues in Vegas, including The Boring Company’s underground tunnels and Brightline West’s redefining train travel.

When visiting Vegas during a busy weekend, you might need a little extra patience navigating the city, and it may be one of the busiest weekends ever when Vegas hosts The Super Bowl this February.

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