Vegas isn’t just about the casinos – it’s also home to some of the country’s best food. Buffets in Las Vegas almost have as much of a reputation as the slot machines themselves.

Many hotels and restaurants in the city offer buffets. And, given the range of cuisines, there’s something for everyone.

What Is a Buffet Pass?

A buffet pass is what it sounds like – a pass to visit certain buffets as often as you like. As you might expect, dining at each venue independently would cost a fortune. Buffet passes help alleviate the burden on your wallet if you’re a frequent buffet diner.

Who Offers Buffet Passes In Las Vegas?

Despite COVID-19-related closures, many restaurants still offer buffet passes. Most are “all-day,” which means you have 24 hours to use them before they expire.

Aria Buffet

Aria, which serves a variety of all-American cuisine, offers an all-day buffet pass for $60. Compared to paying for individual meals, it provides exceptional value. Adults pay $29.99 for breakfast, $29.99 for lunch, and $40.99 for dinner – nearly double the pass’s price tag.

Luxor Buffet

Luxor offers all-day buffet passes for a slightly lower price of $49.99. Its operating hours are Wednesday to Sunday between 8 am and 3 pm, with delectable brunch menus and a carving station at lunchtime.

Excalibur Buffet

Excalibur, one of the most well-known casinos in town, also offers buffet passes. This all-day wristband entitles you to food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and allows you to eat until 10 pm on the selected day.

The saving is around $15.48 compared to the total price of each meal bought separately.

24-Hour Buffet Rules

You’re allowed to visit the buffets as many times as you like, going to all of them if you should see fit. Caesars will give you a wristband to show that you’ve paid, or if you have a Total Rewards Card with a photo ID, you can use this instead. Caesars’s Total Rewards Members get a reduced price of $59.99 on weekdays and $69.99 on weekends.

There are no discounts for kids, and only food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price. You must pay for this separately at the bar if you want liquor.

Holiday prices are slightly higher. If you are Caesar’s reward member, you can get a pass for $89.99, and non-members must pay the full $99.99.

In almost all situations and seasons, buying the Buffet of Buffets Pass is worth it, and it’s cheaper than buying all your meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – separately.

Plus, if you are Caesar’s member, you get an additional $10 off the cost, whether you go during the week, at the weekend, or some other time.

Caesars also offer additional discounts on the Buffet of Buffets Pass if you buy one of their Hotel Room & Buffet packages. These apply to people booking stays of two nights or more at the hotel and work out considerably cheaper than paying separately.

How To Make The Most Of Your 24-Hour Buffet Pass

The best time to buy a pass is just before you go and sit down for dinner. This way, you can get dinner the next day too, so long as you arrive at the restaurant slightly earlier.

You can also tour the various buffet options according to which offers the best value at any given mealtime, provided you have the Buffet of Buffets Pass.

For instance, you could go to Rio for breakfast, chow down at Planet Hollywood for lunch and then head over to Paris Las Vegas for a delicious dinner.

Don’t forget to pace yourself. Avoid overeating at breakfast and brunch so that you can enjoy lunch and dinner more.

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